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Conitrbute to Hey Lady Issue #8 featuring Vandana Shiva. Submissions open until 4/1!


HEY LADY is a quarterly publication featuring one woman per issue.

Issue 7 is out now and features Sylvia Rivera.



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The submission deadline for Hey Lady Issue 8 featuring Vandana Shiva will be extended until April 1st! The artwork I've received so far is really amazing and I want to see more of it. Take part in this growing collection and send something my way! Remember, it can be a portrait in any medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, photography, collage, floral arrangement, whatever). We are lucky to be alive in a time where Vandana Shiva is present. She is at the forefront of a resistance led by women taking back control over food and farming. Corporate rule on a planetary scale is transforming the earth into commodities and perpetuating violence and she is fighting it. Despite having degrees in nuclear physics and quantum theory, her message can be simplified into the inter-connectedness of everything and our vital role as part of nature, not something separate from it. There are countless videos of her I suggest watching, including this talk (link in bio) from which I've pulled this quote: "Forgetting about agriculture, forgetting about farmers, forgetting about the seed, forgetting about the soil is at the root of the huge food crisis. You are privileged, you don't suffer it. But the producers are the worst sufferers of the food crisis. I can't go into detail about how that happens, all I can do is to invite you to join this revolution for life that women are leading. Food after all is life....Every time you eat, you can make a massive change. You can throw your weight behind ecosystems, behind diversity, behind farmers or you can throw your weight behind greed, behind super profits, behind ill health, that is killing both this planet and people. Make your choice. It's easy." #vandanashiva #heylady #yokoono #nichellenichols #candydarling #leonorfini #sisterrosettatharpe #yayoikusama #sylviarivera #artbooks

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