1. Is Hey Lady a zine? Sure! Perfect binding would usually be considered a publication or an art book, but because it's zine-sized it can be called whatever you want ! Usually, zines are staple bound, xeroxed and distributed for cheap or free.
  2. Is Hey Lady a paid opportunity for artists? Not currently. In the past Hey Lady has tried being a paid opportunity. While understanding the problematic art world where artists are expected to work for free, Hey Lady is run by one woman and puts all revenue into printing and distributing. In the future if a profit is made, payment to artists will become possible for future issues. Currently, making sure it is sold at a reasonable price to be accessible to as many as possible is the top priority. In an attempt to help contributing artists earn money off this endeavor, an exhibit usually accompanies every issue release so the artists original work can be sold with the money going to them directly.
  3. Is Hey Lady run by a group of people? No. It takes many contributing artists to exist, but has been created, run and funded by Regina Schilling.
  4. Where is Hey Lady based out of? Originally based out of Olympia, WA, Hey Lady currently runs out of Portland, OR.
  5. Where can I buy Hey Lady? Available online as well as in over 60 international shops. If you want Hey Lady to be carried in a shop near you, send an email himynameisregina@gmail.com with the info on the location. Alternatively, you can tell them you’d like to see it there and give them more info. Be sure to check for tabling announcements as Hey Lady is sold in person at events as well.
  6. Can I suggest a cover girl for a future Hey Lady? Yes, please! Hey Lady tries to cover a wide range of woman in many different fields, particularly ones who are lesser known, but is always grateful for suggestions. Those can be left in the anonymous feedback section. This doesn’t guarantee they will be featured, but they will definitely be considered!
  7. Where is Hey Lady printed? Originally printed at Olympia Copying & Printing, then printed and bound at The Prolific Group in Winnipeg, Canada, the current issue #9 is printed at Copyman in Portland OR.
  8. Why wasn’t my artwork accepted into Hey Lady? If you weren’t accepted, I still strongly suggest you try applying again in the future. In curating the series, Hey Lady aims to be both  a cohesive book with a consistent look, as well as an inclusive platform giving new artists an opportunity each time. 
  9. How can I stock Hey Lady in my store or get a donation? Email himynameisregina@gmail.com to find out about wholesale pricing. Hey Lady is frequently donated to libraries, raffles, charities etc. so email about that as well!
  10. Will old, out of stock issues of Hey Lady (Issues #1-6) ever be available for sale again? Sadly, no. Those issues are permanently retired and out of stock and will no longer be reprinted or sold.