HEY LADY #5: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

HEY LADY #5: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Issue 5 of HEY LADY is on Sister Rosetta Tharpe who was was an American musician who invented rock and roll music. Her revolutionary guitar playing pre-dated many reputable legends that she first handedly inspired. Beginning her life in Cotton Plant, Arkansas singing in gospel choirs, she traveled all over America for her religious beliefs. Tharpe wound up performing in Chicago and New York, playing in nightclubs and steadily gained recogntion. A ‘PBS American Masters’ documentary about her life is an incredible collection of performances and details about her accomplished and passionate life.

Art by Madelyne Cummings (left), Anne J. Regan (right).

Printed in full color, staple bound, measuring 12.5 x 9.5 cm, 58 pages with a button attached to the front cover!


Natalie Capanelli
Madelyne Cummings
Anne J. Regan
Bijou Karman
Rita Sapunor
Hailee Va
Dawline-Jane Oni-Esseleh
Juliette Toma
Maxine Marie
Megan Thomas Melly
Jen May
Audrey Brown
Lizzie Christian
Michele Romano
Caitlin FIelds
Chloe Monson
Katie Benn
Andrew Lamb Schultz
Holly Pappalardo
Regina Schilling
Morgan Hayes
Sara Radin
Taylor Chiu
Lauren Thacker
Olivia Longie-Hennen
Jacklyn Guardado
Georgina Arroyo
Jazmin Andrea
Emma Bagley
Victoria Manifold
Andrew Scott Derby Jr.
Sarah Ritch
John Kattenhorn
Hayley Fulton
Julie Gough
Laura Sofia Perez
Mk Rix
Lauren Bajorek
Elyse Laird
Jill Pucciarelli
Mariana Lui
Lilah Shepherd
Katie Ladd
Talcott Broadhead
Nina Lichtman
Betty Turbo
Catie Rutledge
Justice Walz
John Denmat