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Submissions are open until July 15.
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Make an original piece of art on Karen Dalton.

Use any medium you would like (painting, drawing, collage, photography, ceramics, writing, etc).

The book will be full color, between 32-64 pages, perfect bound, 9.5 cm by 12.5 cm.

Artwork can be any dimensions, but following the same portrait aspect ratio.

Please submit a high resolution 600 DPI JPEG. Title your file name (YourLastNameFirst Name01).

You can submit as many times as you'd like!

Deadline for all submissions is midnight on July 15, 2018. You will be notified if you were accepted shortly thereafter.

If accepted you will be mailed a copy of the issue when it's completed. If your provided address changes in that time, please be sure to send an update to [email protected]

Thank you!